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Lodash task – sum all numbers in a range

15 November 2017, Kasia Ziomek-Zdanowicz

JavaScript, learn to program

I learn lodash – a library which helps in iterating arrays, objects and strings. For this purpose I use the freeCodeCamp tasks. In the next few posts you will find those tasks and my solutions using the lodash. Let’s start with the task “sum all numbers in a range”.

Lodash task – difference of two arrays

14 November 2017, Kasia Ziomek-Zdanowicz

JavaScript, learn to program

Today I present my solution to task “difference of two arrays”. As in the former post, I use lodash – a library which helps in iterating arrays, objects and strings. Let’s start.

Scalable vector graphics (SVG) can be easily used on a website and there are many reasons why it is should be used. In this post I present the basics of SVG and various resources that that can help beginners who want to start using SVG in their projects.

capturing and bubbling

Capturing and bubbling in JavaScript

23 October 2017, Kasia Ziomek-Zdanowicz

JavaScript, learn to program

There are a lot of resources on capturing and bubbling on the internet. For me the greatest educational value had the log, which I found here and which I describe in this post. In my opinion, the log illustrates capturing and bubbling very well. Read the post and find it out for yourself.

XML serialization in VB.Net

XML serialization in VB.Net – simple example

16 October 2017, Kasia Ziomek-Zdanowicz

ready-to-use solutions, VB.Net

Serialization is a process of converting an object into a form that can be easily transfered, for example using HTTP. The shallow serialization converts the public properties. The deep serialization converts both public and private properties. Deserialization is the reverse of serialization i.e. reconstructiong the object from the stream. There are two main ways to do serialization in VB.Net: XML and binary. In this article I describe how to do the XML serialization in VB.Net.

flexbox carousel

Flexbox carousel – how does it work?

9 October 2017, Kasia Ziomek-Zdanowicz

CSS, JavaScript, ready-to-use solutions

In this article I describe how to code a flexbox carousel. The solution is based on the order property of the flexbox items. I hope that this article helps you understand what’s happening in the flexbox carousel.

Intelligent code completion in VBE is done using drop-down auto-completion lists that appear in the VBA editor (VBE) when typing variables, methods or properties. If the list does not show, you can use the VBA autocomplete shortcut: CTRL + SPACE.

If you use Google Maps API you can use a custom style with the Google Maps API Styling Wizard. The wizard helps you customize the map, roads, labels and other elements of your map.

If you want in VBA to scroll the worksheet to the specified reference you may use: Application.Goto method. Look at the examples.

If you want to get post ID in JavaScript you can pass it to the script using wp_localize_script function.

There is a shortcut to insert property code in Visual Studio. Just enter “pro”, double-click the tab and the model code for the property will appear.

I’ve just come across an amazing tool: JSMaker, visual editor for JavaScript :-D. I did slice on a string. It works. Try it yourself!